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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  So… how does this all work?
A.  Get in touch to find out availability, and to book and secure your session!
- Before your session we’ll discuss your personal style and the type of images you prefer and answer any questions you may have
- After the shoot, I will choose 30-40 of the best images for your viewing gallery
- You choose the images/products you would like to purchase
- Your beautiful new photographs are delivered for you to enjoy!

Q. How do I book a session?
A. Book early!  If you are booking a maternity and/or newborn session, you should book ideally during the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy as my diary fills very quickly.
Family and baby milestone sessions usually need to be booked a few weeks in advance.
Just get in touch for a booking form!

Q.  There seem to be a lot of photographers who say they “specialise” in newborns. Should I just look for the one with the best prices?
A. Price is always at the forefront of any consumers mind, but you have to remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”
Going with the least expensive photographer is not a good way to determine who will take your baby’s portraits…most often the least expensive photographer is also the least experienced photographer. You have to remember; this photographer will be handling, posing, and soothing your baby. It’s not just about taking the pictures, it’s making sure you are working with someone who a) knows how to appropriately handle newborns in general, b) considers the safety of your baby first and c) will provide you with a beautiful final product.

Q.  What should I look for in a newborn photographer?
A. The most important thing is for you to look through their portfolio for certain criteria.

1.  The pictures should be classic and timeless in nature.
These portraits will hopefully be an heirloom you will pass on to future generations.  Pictures that show off the latest fads such as vignette, textured backgrounds, and selective coloring (when all of the picture is black and white except for one small part that remains in color) – will look dated in a few years.

2.  The baby should be the focus of the portraits.
When you look through the pictures, ask yourself “What is the first thing I notice?”  Are you marveling at how precious the baby is, or finding yourself distracted amidst scenes of fake flowers, huge headbands, tutus, stuffed animals etc.?
Often, the less “stuff” or props that are in the pictures, the better the photographer is.  They have the ability to skillfully pose your baby so that he/she is the sole focus of your portraits.

3.  The baby should look comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful in the portraits.
As in all portraits, the facial expression is very important.  Newborns are so pliable and can be put into all kinds of amazing positions in their first couple weeks of life.  A skilled photographer will be able to pose the baby tucked with their feet up by their chin, accompanied by a peaceful, sleepy – even sometimes smiling face.

Q. Why do you recommend newborns to be photographed before two weeks of age?
A. Babies older than two weeks of age are alert longer and do not fall into that deep, deep sleep.  They are often also more ‘curly’.
Colic may become evident, as well as baby acne after the 2 week mark.

Q.  My friend just has some great pictures done of her family.  She said the photographer does newborns too.  Would she be a good choice? 
A. Maybe. Maybe not.  The fact that your friend had a positive experience with this photographer is definitely a plus! However, newborn photography is its own special breed of photography. And it’s not for every photographer.
I have done (and still do) many other kind of portraits – children, families, maternity, cake smashes – and I can say that, in comparison, newborn photography requires a completely different learning curve and skill set than the other types of photography.

The most important thing you can do as a consumer is to look specifically at their newborn portfolio.

Just because someone is a great photographer, doesn’t mean they are a great “newborn photographer”.

Q. Can I bring Granny/Auntie/my best friend to the newborn session?
A. I recommend not to – it is very warm and uncomfortable for spectators, and I work best with fewer people/distractions.

Q. Can you take photos of the Baby’s parents/siblings in the session?
A. Absolutely. Please let me know beforehand if you would like parent photos factored in to the session and we can discuss your options. Please note however, when sibling/family shots are involved, you will get less shots of baby alone.

Q.  Why do I only get selection of final images instead of all of them?
A.  Realistically, not all of your images will end up in frames or in albums. I’d much rather put my efforts into producing selected perfect, finished final images that will be on display in your home for you to enjoy every day, than provide you with a lot of images that will be stored away in drawer and rarely viewed.

Q. Do you do location sessions?
A. Yes! For family sessions I am very happy to do location sessions in a local park, at your home, any preferred location.
I cover Appleton, New London, Oshkosh, De Pere, Green Bay and Fond Du Lac areas.

Q. Do twins cost more?
A. No, the session fee is the same:)You are already paying more for everything else!

Q. What should I bring?
A.Before your session you will receive a full session preparation guide.

Q. What should we wear?
A. Click Here!

Q. How long until I see my photos?
A. I aim to deliver your online gallery within about 2 weeks of our session. Your proof gallery is open for purchasing for 14 days from the time it is delivered to you.

Q. Do you post my images online?
A. I reserve this right and all clients sign a model release prior to their session. However, if you prefer that I not use any names, I am happy to keep you anonymous. I also only post watermarked images online for both mine and your protection.
On Facebook, you may tag anyone you like and you may “share” the photo.

Q. What about retouching?
A. I believe in retouching to the highest standard – prices include all retouching and editing to ensure you are delighted with the final product.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. I only use top of the line equipment; A Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.2L, 105mm Macro and 24-70 2.8L.

- portions of faq courtesy CB Portraits and SKP

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please do get in touch!

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