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Martin and Paul, 3 weeks new

Martin and Paul, double the trouble but twice the love!

I am so behind with blog posts. Seriously. I just counted and I have 31 to write, I really should get on and show my clients some love!!

Here’s the cute-as-buttons Martin and Paul, gorgeous non-identical twins that came to visit me at 3 weeks old!
Photographing newborn twins is always a challenge – usually one is very sleepy, one awake, then one hungry, one pooped, and trying to find a small window where both babies are feeling co-operative at the same time can be a real challenge!
The benefit is while one is being attended to, I can photograph the other while we wait for the ‘together’ photos!
Martin and Paul were quite different in size and personality and I only hope I was able to show their close bond but also their differences:)

This session was exhausting but so rewarding. I was lucky enough to have the assistance of fellow newborn photographer and good friend Sally in tow to assist, without whom I would certainly have struggled to achieve as much.

C a t e g o r i e s
F a c e b o o k
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